Wheelchair Lifts

The case of total wheelchair restriction is probably the most difficult mobility challenge to deal with; however, even this can be overcome with proper equipment - and that equipment does not necessarily have to include a full-blown elevator in all cases. Platform lifts provide a less-expensive solution, particularly suited to public places but also great for the home. Some models are even portable, for easy handicapped access to temporary venues such as outdoor stages.

Symmetry vertical platform lifts

Vertical Platform Lifts

More space-conscious and visually appealing than ramps but less expensive and involved than elevators, are vertical platform lifts. This type of lift can be installed indoors or outdoors, enclosed or open, for maximum flexibility. Country Home Elevator sells and installs vertical platform lifts made by Symmetry, a leading manufacturer of accessibility equipment in the US. For more info and brochures on the Symmetry line of wheelchair lifts, visit our main site.

Inclined platform lifts

Inclined Platform Lifts

The most direct approach to getting a wheelchair up stairs is not to circumvent the stairs altogether, but to add an inclined platform lift over the existing stairs, much like a stairlift. Another benefit of this approach is space savings, as no separate hoistway is required for the lift in this kind of installation.

Savaria V1504 wheelchair lifts

Savaria Lifts

Savaria's vanishing-floor wheelchair lift presents one of the most affordable alternatives to a home elevator.

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