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Home Elevator and Stairlift Service

Not everybody who can install an elevator qualifies as an "Elevator Service Professional," because there is more to service than just getting the work done. It's how the work is done, how quickly, and at what level of quality, that separates professional service from mere repair. At Country Home Elevator, we strive to uphold an industry-leading standard of service and professionalism. No matter what the issue, your elevator problem is our elevator problem.

Planned Elevator Maintenance

For a device as critically essential, and with as many moving parts, as a home elevator, regular planned maintenance is an absolute necessity. Elevator manufacturers realize this - that's why many elevator warranties are actually void without a regular maintenance schedule. Do yourself a favor and contact Country Home Elevator to set up an affordable maintenance plan for your equipment. Our experienced staff can maintain and service all makes and models of elevators and other accessibility equipment. Just 2 service calls a year can make all the difference.

Emergency Home Elevator Service

When bad things happen, as they occasionally do with any mechanical device, speedy assistance is often needed. While our service superheroes can't fly "faster than a speeding bullet" you can can be sure that when you call us for emergency assistance at 866-638-5438, no matter what the time of day or night, we will have a qualified service professional on your doorstep as fast as humanly possible.

Service On ThyssenKrupp Access Brands

If you are an owner of an elevator made by TK Access one of its popular subsidiaries - which include LEV, Destiny, Evolution, and National Wheel-O-Vator - you may be aware by now that this manufacturer has closed its American operation. Where does this leave you as a current product owner?

CHE owner Craig Jones, CET-S, is a former ThyssenKrupp Access dealer and a former TK Access engineer. Thus, Country Home Elevator is fully equipped and qualified to provide parts and service for all TK Access and related product lines. If you're worried about getting service on your ThyssenKrupp Access elevator, stop worrying and simply call in the TKA & National Wheelovator experts at CHE: 800-898-5090. Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas & Oklahoma. Since 1988.

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