Residential and Light Commercial Elevators

For both home and business elevator installations in Tulsa and all around Oklahoma, Country Home Elevator is your go-to source. We have a staff of professionals with decades of elevator experience that can handle all your accessibility needs.

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Home Elevators

Country Home Elevator of Tulsa is a leading installation partner for Symmetry Elevating Solutions, a premier line of competitively-priced, high-quality elevators which we believe provides the best value balance in the industry today. Symmetry home elevators are priced in convenient packages, which you can view on our main corporate website - you can also get automatic pricing at that link.

Why invest in a home elevator?

Safety and Convenience

Increased safety is probably the number one reason to invest in a home elevator. As well as being inconvenient, stairs are just plain dangerous - particularly for transporting awkward loads like laundry and luggage. Even if you are not currently in a mobility-challenged state, one bad fall down the stairs with a heavy load could easily put you there, and that's exactly the sort of accident a home elevator is designed to prevent.

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People with mobility challenges learn to put up with certain inconveniences in public; not every two-story building, for instance, is equipped with a wheelchair lift. Your own house, however, is a different story - it's home, and home should be one place where you never have to worry about getting from one place to another, regardless of any physical disabilities.

Building costs

Surprisingly to some, designing a home elevator into new construction can actually decrease the total building cost of the house. Why? A home elevator allows the architect to design upward instead of outward for the same square footage. This positively impacts foundation size and roof area - not to mention maintenance costs for the future.

Light Commercial Elevators

Assemblies of God World Headquarters, Springfield, Missouri
We have done installations for many large organizations, including the Assemblies of God World Headquarters in Springfield, Missouri.

Our name may be Country Home Elevator, but that doesn't mean we're not up to the most challenging light commercial installations. From medical facilities and college campus buildings to business warehouses, we provide commercial accessibility solutions to all kinds of businesses and organizations. Whether you're planning a new commercial property or retrofitting an existing one, call the commercial elevating experts at Country Home Elevator of Tulsa first.

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